Ad Us is full white label service digital agency created to support business, agencies and publishers in the evolving digital marketplace.

Ad Us is an audience and data driven company that gives business owners, agencies, and publishers of any size, the ability to leverage emerging digital products in order to create and improve upon digital revenue streams.  Ad Us allows agencies and publishers to complement their current digital offerings with a unique digital sales model that includes standard and mobile display, search, video and email. 

Ad Us prides itself on customer service, education and training. Ad Us understands traditional media and how to complement traditional ad buys with digital platforms. This allows partners to create new revenue streams while adding value and ROI for advertisers.

An additional benefit to Ad Us is the ability to create and implement a DMP (Data Management Platform) which helps with the effectives of campaigns in both the traditional and digital marketplaces. Ad Us leverages current audiences more effectively in addition to transforming offline data and digital data into informed media purchases.  


Data Management Platform

A DMP is used to store and analyze data, while a DSP is used to actually buy advertising based on that information. Information is fed from a marketer’s DMP to its DSP to help inform ad buying decisions. On the publisher side, DMPs can also be linked to supply-side platforms that can help them sell their ads more effectively. In those cases, the DMP is storing publisher information on its readers.

Agencies, publishers and marketers all use DMPs. Agencies use it to collect and analyze the data collected from their client campaigns, which is sometimes pooled across multiple clients to create vast and rich datasets. Meanwhile, publishers are also making use of the technology as a way to help them better understand their reader information and extract more value from it as a result. 


Yield optimization

Advertisers/Publishers alike find themselves in a every changing digital arena. Just to keep up with digital market trends and powerhouses such as Google and Microsoft, you have to keep abreast of advances in business models, technology innovation and changing buyer behavior. All of this leads to enormous pressure on various business models and can result in caroding CPMs and the number of units sold, ultimately translating into overall site yield. So how do you optimize your yield? 

Ad Us enables you to extract the most from your inventory by implementing better packaging, inventory management, pricing strategies, Geo Targeting, Frequency capping, behavior targeting  and channel optimization which suit your business requirements.


Digital Analytics

Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from an advertisers business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that existing customers and potential customers have which translates to advertisers desired outcomes (both online and offline) 

With the right skills, processes and technologies from Ad Us, you can uncover the vital information about how to engage with your customers, effectiveness of your engagements and give you the data on which to take action to improve the outcome – business results.